Ultra White - UV Builder Gel 30g

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White Builder Gel - 'Ultra White'

UV Builder Gel 'Ultra White' is a medium thickness single phase white builder gel that is perfect for use as a French tip. Thanks to the use of optical brighteners and an increase in pigment density of 70% 'Ultra White' is the most vibrant white builder gel we have ever seen. Note: Ultra White will have a blue/lavender hue in the jar. This is due to the UV filters and optical brightening pigments. When applied to the nail the gel is a pure brilliant white.

The builder can also be used as a base layer to increase vibrancy of additional colours applied over it. 

Builder Gel Application:

Apply a layer to the tip of your nail or extension and cure under UV light for 2 minutes. If using over entire nail apply a thin layer over the natural plate and extension and cure for 2 minutes.

Colour: White

Size: 30g

Cure: UV Light 2 Minutes

 White Builder Gel 'Ultra White' UV Builder Gel- 30g