Shiraz Baltic Back Wash Unit - REM

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An affordable design, Shiraz Baltic is a stylish Wash Unit that boasts clean lines and slim features. Includes a tilting Sumo White Basin, chrome tap, water-saving shower head and a fully removable rear access panel for easy plumbing. Choose one or two of the available fabrics and add extra features to the unit, like a neck rest, hair trap or a link unit to connect more than one of the wash units. You can also customise the chair even further by adding your Salon logo as high quality embroidery.

  • Sleek and comfortable design
  • Stylish chrome arms
  • Complete with water-saving shower head and white tilting Sumo ceramic basin for exceptional comfort
  • Removable rear access panel for easy plumbing
  • Monobloc mixing valve with chrome hand spray, pre-plumbing, flexi waste and fixing kit
  • Choice of 20 Fabrics

Options to Consider:

  • 04528 – Baltic Link
  • 3955 – Logo embroidery
  • 04938 – Basin Neck Rest
  • 04928 – Hair Trap
  • 2 tone upholstery
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