Dark Stag Folding Kamisori Razor

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The Dark Stag Folding Kamisori razor is a highly requested variation on one of our flagship products. Featuring exactly the same great shave and rapid blade change mechanism that is still making the original Kamisori so well known amongst the barber community, but now featuring a folding design for greater portability and a slightly different take on style. Brand new and unique to Dark Stag, this straight handled folding Kamisori razor uses regular double edge razor blades meaning you can choose your favourite brand.  With one edge used per client this provides the most cost effective route to a perfect shave. The spring mounted one touch blade holding mechanism can be opened easily for cleaning and disinfecting.  Changing the blade takes 2 seconds: pinch the head to drop out the used blade and pop in the replacement.

  • 2 second blade change
  • Uses half a standard double edge blades – fantastic economy
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Supplied with leather pouch
  • Head folds into the handle when not in use