Red Spot training scissor set

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The Red Spot Klassix Hairdressing Scissor Set is a great value way for anyone new to hair cutting to get both cutting and thinning scissors in one high quality package. Each scissor is made from Japanese 420C stainless steel that takes and holds a super-sharp edge.

The   blades are convex   which means you can slice with them and they're available with a   choice of even or offset handles. Even is ideal for those who like a classic feel to their scissors, while offset helps your hand adopt a more natural, relaxed position to help reduce strain.

There's an   adjustable tension screw, so you can fine tune your scissors and a removable finger rest for those who prefer their scissors without one. The set is presented in a   black scissor wallet   with a divider to prevent the scissors scratching each other.

The Red Spot Klassix Hairdressing Scissor Set is available in   3 sizes: 5, 5.5 or 6 inches (6 is even handle only). All sets contain a 5.5-inch thinner with 27 teeth.